The River Rock Subdivision was originally planned and received preliminary approval in 1978 under the name of Royal Village. Engineering was completed with all water and sewer facilities and connections, roads, and 200 dwelling units designed on 300 acres. The state permits and approvals were issued and some improvements were in place.

Due to a weak market, the project was never finished and was sold several times before being purchased by John Turner in the 1990’s. Mr. Turner spent years clearing the title before partnering with Potter Clinton Development to develop the project.

With an initial investment of $15 million, Potter Clinton Development began work on the project in 1997. They changed the original plan to create neighborhoods within the community connected by green space corridors and trails.

The subdivision was originally created as a zoning district within Gallatin County and the Gallatin County Commissioners have jurisdiction over this district.

Approximately 10 acres were donated to the Belgrade School District, which built a 500 student elementary school within the community. The developers created an 8 acre lake, built trails throughout the subdivision, developed parks, and playground equipment was installed. This was all turned over to the association.

In May 2001, the River Rock County Water & Sewer District was formed to purchase the water and sewer facilities and transmission lines using state bond funds at a lower interest rate to reduce future debt service to the community. The River Rock County Water & Sewer District is a separate entity from the River Rock Property Owners Association however, the two work closely when we have shared interest in a matter.

By 2005, PC Development had transitioned the board of directors from developer control to residential control and the community is now self managed by the River Rock Property Owners Association. At this time, the RRPOA purchased equipment as well as the River Rock Community Center and the Managers Center/Office. The community is now managed by a board of 5 directors. The subdivision currently has 1,214 property owners.