Welcome to the neighborhood! To help you make a smooth transition into the community, we have a few pointers listed below that might answer any questions you may have while unpacking boxes.

The River Rock Property Owners Association meets monthly on the third Tuesday in the River Rock Event Center at 7pm. All residents are welcome and encouraged to participate in our meetings. We also hold an annual meeting the third Tuesday of January each year. The annual meeting is the most detailed meeting where we discuss budget, vote in new board members, and discuss what we completed over the last year as well as what is planned for the new year.

Association dues are invoiced quarterly in January, April, July, and October. To avoid confusion up front, association dues are not included in your escrowed mortgage payment. You may contact our office to sign up to receive your invoices by email. Once you are signed up for paperless invoices you have the option to pay the invoice online through the email or you may fill out the form below to set up automatic recurring payments.

If you would like to make any changes with your property, be sure to visit our Architectural Landscape Review page and/or contact our office with questions.

River Rock Subdivision is a covenant controlled community so please familiarize yourself with the governing documents. Please be courteous to your neighbors and utilize your driveway for parking and if you have guests you may utilize the parking in front of your home. Pets can have an adjustment period but we ask that you refrain from allowing them to persistently bark and keep your yard picked up of waste. We love to recreate in this state so recreational equipment always seems to be a big one. There are strict regulations regarding trailers, campers, boats, 4-wheelers, utv’s, work trailers etc. Please contact our office or read the recreational equipment interpretation in the governing documents. Most importantly, if you receive a courtesy letter from our office, contact us to discuss this issue and possible remedies to the violation.

If you are looking for a utility connection, please visit the utility contacts page. It should give you a place to start.

Please like us on Facebook ‘River Rock Property Owners Association’ and let us know if you have any questions regarding the neighborhood!